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GT-4 navigation controller with WIFI option

GT-4  is the powerfull GPS/GLONASS/GSM navigation controller with WIFI, CAN and DriveSensor options.

Product Description

Navigation controller GT-4 is meant for remote monitoring of mobile objects and may be operated together with any compatible software system.

To ensure better monitoring of a vehicle or vehicle equipment the device can be connected to discrete (on/off), analogue or pulse-frequency sensors (fuel flow sensors, passenger sensors, temperature sensors, etc.).

Digital sensors may be also connected via RS232, RS485, 1-WIRE.

Two available programmable outputs “ground switching” enable remote control of autostart or motor interlock systems.

There is also support of CAN* bus, with about 800 models reading about 20 parameters: fuel flow rate and level sensors, full mileage, engine operating time, rpm and temperature, speed, load per axis, alarm controller, etc.

Note: *Unit CAN, WIFI and DriveSensor is available in case of operating an additional integrated module.

Integrated back-up battery is meant to ensure device independent operation in case of turning off the vehicle battery with relevant indication – this function is widely used for the purpose of safeguarding and security.

Integrated motion (acceleration) sensor is used in intelligent energy-saving modes as well as for selecting a parking lot.

The tracker may record the GSM signal level; identify base stations and accuracy of navigation data while making a record of every coordinate point.

The integrated software may be updated without dismounting or direct accessing the device (via GSM channel).

The casing is made of plastic as per the requirements by European standards for electrical and fire safety.

The tracker may be operated within the temperature range from -40 up to +80 °C (storage temperature from -45 up to +85 °C) and intended for installation on cars with on-board power system of 12 V, on heavy transport with power system voltage of 24 V, as well as on any other vehicles.

The allowable voltage is within 7 – 44 V. There is protection against reverse polarity, short time voltage surges (over 600 V), as well as battery overcharge protection.

Additional Information

Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 2 cm
Voltage, V


Internal battery, mAh


High voltage protection

Yes, up to 600 V.



GSM antenna


Headphone connection


1-Wire interface



4 pcs.


2 pcs.

RS-232 interface


RS-485 interface


SIM slot

2 pcs.

Work temperature

-40C to +85C


YES, optional


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