This is a software package that is installed on the dispatchers` computers. It is part of the GEOTEK system and offers extensive functionality, which provides a more comfortable work environment for dispatchers.
Trackinn Desktop
The basic functions of the software package are:
  • When launched on the computer, the software displays summarized dashboard based on the fleet operation
  • The software determines the ranking of vehicles and drivers (who works and drives more, consumes and drains more fuel, violates regulations, etc.).
  • Availability of a geographic information system for vehicle tracking
  • Online maps to show vehicle locations
  • Possibility to view the parameters of the movement of a particular vehicle and its route information
  • Status display, monitoring and remote control of car devices and units (refrigerator temperature, dump body lift, etc.).

In addition, the TRACKINN DESKTOP has a function of drawing up a detailed report, offers a multilingual interface and is automatically updated when new versions become available. All updates and additional components of the software package are free of charge for license owners.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, the software package is able to:
  • analyze traffic violations such as speeding;
  • measure the amount of fuel in tanks;
  • monitor the temperature conditions of premises;
  • automate the operation of GAS stations and tanker trucks;
  • keep records of the number of taxi passengers;
  • provide alarming solutions for payment terminals or ATMs.
Screenshots of TRACKINN DESKTOP software