TRACKINN - Unique GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring system!

The Fleet Management System will help you track your vehicles, assets and keep an eye on fuel consumption of your fleet.

The software generates detailed reports in one click that containing accurate information on routes, fuel consumption, tank fueling and drain, parking, mileage, driving and work time, rest periods, the entrances and exits from geofences etc.

The monitoring system is convenient and easy to use, therefore additional staff training is not required.
Trackinn WEB is a software solution, the function of which is monitoring the vehicles using satellite technology. The peculiarity of this software, developed by GEOTEK BS experts, is its complete cloud-based, which means that it does not require installation on the user's computer.
The main features of Trackinn WEB system are:
  • simple and intuitive interface based on the principle of “single-click fleet management”
  • compatibility to work with the third-party navigation terminals and tachographs
  • generation of interactive reports
  • highly-efficient information processing
  • API for developers
  • multiple languages support

Navigation terminals support

TRACKINN system supports several dozen of models, and this number is constantly increasing by the system upgrades, which take no longer than 2 days and are completely free for users.

Trackinn WEB functionality

Cloud-base solution

Real-time tracking

Fuel consumption control

Root and task management

Geofence control

Powerfull reports

API for integration

Real-time alerts

Special solutions by using TRACKINN system
  • Driver identification by using RFID tags
  • Zone visit control by using long range RFID readers and tags
  • ECO-DRIVE Aggressive driving monitoring
  • Gas station and Mobile tanker truck fuelling management
  • Alarm system for ATM and payment terminals
  • Passenger counting system for Taxi
GEOTEK BS Company provides continuous updating of the monitoring system functionality, adding new features and components. GEOTEK BS Company offers 2 ways to take advantage of the Trackinn WEB software package:
GEOTEK BS server database is used, so the system integrator does not need the initial capital investment and the user gets access to the Trackinn WEB full functionality (fee is accrued only for active objects and it is charged from user's account)
the user use their own servers, which requires obtaining licenses for terminals and trackers connected to GLONASS/GPS monitoring system (in this case, the full price of Trackinn WEB is dependent on the required number of licenses, each of which enables connecting 1 third-party device )

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