GPS Cargo Transportation Monitoring System

The Main Problems of Logistics
Modern cargo transportation is still far from being perfect. The transport company is not always able to ensure the safety of the cargo, as well as to comply with the shipment schedule and provide the customer with the precise information of where the cargo is located at the moment and when to expect its arrival. As a result of thefts and unauthorized opening of carriages and containers, transport companies lose profits and the customers' trust and loyalty.
Problem Solution with GPS tracking
Cargo monitoring system, which is able to accurately determine the cargo location at any moment, may help to avoid this. The so-called e-sealing of the cargo involves the installation of a special device providing the cargo location tracking and signaling that the sealed container or carriage is opened. System can meet different requirements on container security monitoring,dispatching management, transportation process.
Electronic Seal wit GPS and GSM
The Main Advantages of the Solution
  • Real-time cargo location tracking
  • Route and schedule deviation control
  • Detailed reports on the cargo movement
  • Actual information of who, where and when received the cargo
  • Informing about geo events and cargo opening
  • Possibility of custom IT-solutions development

E-seal for tracking and ensuring the containers and cargo integrity is the small device containing a sealing steel string and GPS receiver. Thus, the device provides GPS cargo tracking with the accuracy of several meters. Together with Trackinn software, it allows instant access to the map with the marked cargo location and its route.

For sending the location data, the system uses cellular channels, so the signal from the “dead zones” may come with time delay. However, in this case, you still get the precise information about the route of the cargo and the place of sealing violation, which is transferred to the central server immediately after the GSM communication is restored.
Contact us and our experts will help you with the implementation of the containers and Asset monitoring with GPS tracking that will greatly enhance the transportation safety and management efficiency. Also, you will be able to increase the customers’ loyalty by providing the accurate information about the current cargo location at any time.