GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Tracking system

Fields of use:
  • Passenger and freight transportation;
  • Private organizations and individuals;
  • Agricultural and construction equipments;
  • Taxi and express delivery services;
  • Emergency services and police;
  • Urban and Community Services;
  • Mobile employees, schools and hospitals;
  • Rail transport and others.

TRACKINN system ensures:

  • using the transport for its intended purpose100%
  • fuel economy35%
  • reduction of vehicle repairs25%
  • identifying unfair employees80%
  • improving the efficiency of route planning65%
Cloud based solution

Cloud based solution

Real time </br> tracking

Real time

Fuel consumption control

Fuel consumption control

Roots and task management

Roots and task management

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Geofence and POI<br/> reports

Geofence and POI

Interactive <br/>reports


Real time  <br/>Alerts

Real time

API for <br/> integration

API for

GPS vehicle tracking system is the most effective way to monitor of the fleets and companies of all sizes.

Many companies, whose activities are directly related to the work of various vehicles, face with inappropriate or even illegal use of vehicles and equipment. With the emergence of GPS vehicle monitoring systems, the enterprises got the opportunity to track vehicles in real-time mode, check how many kilometers the vehicle covered for the specified amount of time, how much fuel used and other information.

Our system allows tracking the movement all the vehicles of your fleet on the map. No installation of special software is required – all you need is just an ordinary office computer with Internet access.

система мониторинга топлива

The vehicle monitoring system TRACKINN will allow you to calculate the trip distance very accurately, calculate fuel consumption and analyze all changes in its level while traveling and during parking.

You get the opportunity to track your cars online. The TRACKINN system records route deviations, parking time, speed, fuel consumption and registers all data on refueling and fuel theft.

24/7 service

High quality

Cost effective and
economy up to 30%

Cost recovery
from 2 months

Fleet Management Software

Trackinn is the specialized software developed by GeoTekBS is a part of the hardware-software complex of fleet management system based on GLONASS and GPS. Depending on the customer requirement, a WEB or a DESKTOP version of the software is used.