Which indicators the system controls?
  • Fuel tank volume. You will know exactly, when you should fill the tank, and will compary the indicators against billing documentation
  • Fuel tank level and mass. Enables to calculate permissible load and adequacy of flammable substance characteristics.
  • Density of tank fuel, oil and lubricants. Secures safe storage and transportation of the tank.
  • - Tank temperature. Makes it possible to monitor adequacy of flammable liquid storage conditions in the tank.
  • History of fuel level data. Makes it possible for operators to keep records of flammable substances consumption.
After installing our system to your tank, you will be able to:
  • Keep real-time records of fuel consumption at fuel filling stations and mobile tankers.
  • Monitor operation of the system, supplying fuel for your fleet and asset.
  • -Secure safe utilization of flammable liquids.
  • Create appropriate conditions for storage and utilization of flammable substances
  • Create optimum working conditions for station operators
  • Enhance fuel logistics

Application fields of Fuel Tank Level gauging system

Monitoring of fuel, oil and lubricants tank level is an essential element of operation of:

On all questions concerning purchase and installation of Fuel Tank Level gauging system you can contact to our specialists.

Fuel Management Software and Level sensors

Trackinn is the specialized software developed by GeoTek BS is a part of the hardware-software complex of fuel level monitoring system, which supports fuel level sensors: PMP-118, PMP-185, PMP-201 and Vepamon LLS.