Photo fixation of transport events

Advantages of photo fixation

The system of events fixation is targeted at monitoring and keeping track of vehicles. A company, operating the fixation system, is able to make investment decisions, coordinate operation processes of various services, attain cost cutbacks, and improve employee discipline and service quality, as well as road transportation safety in general. Furthermore, the innovative system of transport events fixation makes it possible to control fuel consumption and guarantee cargo safety and delivery.

Implementation benefits

System makes vehicle surveillance significantly easier. All the monitoring data is represented by means of snapshots, which enables to estimate operating efficiency of motor vehicle. The experience of the photo fixation system implementation proves that efficiency of transport utilization rises up to 40% due to tracking system usage. This solution makes it possible not only to receive information about any of minor violations, which influence the transportation costs, but also to eliminate them quickly and effectively.
Photo snapshots can be made in the following cases:
  • by operator command or by SMS
  • when GPS tracker device input triggred
  • in case of violation of driving regulations
  • at the driver identification process
  • at stated time intervals
GPS Image alerts from vehicles
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