RFID identification and inventory of objects

RFID identification of vehicles

Depending on the tasks, RFID of vehicles is carried out with the help of tags and readers that are able to work at a great distance. Below are some examples:
The solution is suitable for the automation of barriers and for registering visiting times for vehicles. The reading range is 1-7 meters.
Its range is up to 150 meters and can be customized. The project sample: accounting of arriving dump trucks at the point of loading and unloading. As a result, the operator can see the number of routes and the time spent by the truck at the loading point.
The system is designed for the contactless identification of trailer devices for various types of vehicles, for the identification according to the "friend-or-foe" principle, and also for the identification of drivers controlling these vehicles.
Possible solutions:
  • automated parking spaces;
  • identification of vehicles and trailers;
  • сontrol of arrival/departure time of vehicles;
  • сontrol of the movement of vehicles on toll roads;
  • security complexes;
  • solution of various security tasks;
  • controlling the arrival/departure to the territory of a warehouse or enterprise.
Vehicle access controll system with RFID

RFID identification system for garbage containers

An active RFID tag with motion detector is installed on each container. When a garbage truck raises one of the garbage containers, the RFID tag code is sent to the RFID receiver. In this way, the operator can determine in real time which containers are emptied. This task can also be solved using passive tags and directed readers.

To determine the number of lifts of the containers, it can be installed an inclination angle sensor. The high reliability of the RFID system for garbage containers allows you to make reports on the tanks received, to correctly calculate the operating time, and also to perform accounting calculations for the work done. Depending on the tasks assigned, you can install the usual active RFID tags for the inventory check of garbage containers at each arrival of the garbage truck without taking into account the maintenance of containers.

RFID in railway transportation

The system is designed to track rail cars, locomotives, and other means of transportation. Modern types of equipment make it possible to identify the railway transport from considerable distances. Such important tasks as determining the direction of traffic, detecting the position of rail cars, etc. are being solved on the basis of RFID.
railway RFID implementation

RFID in the fields of transport and warehouse logistics

The advantages of introducing the RFID technology in transport logistics are obvious: It gives you the ability to control all processes, reduces the percentage of staff errors and the time required to complete the job. The introduction of RFID in the field of logistics will allow evaluating all the benefits of this technology. It facilitates the openness of the logistics processes that are carried out at the enterprise, and also significantly reduces the time for obtaining information about the movement of goods.
  • helps to control the movement of goods in the warehouse
  • allows you to organize the accounting of products
  • helps to reduce maintenance costs for the warehouse
  • significantly reduces the number of personnel errors
    when completing orders
  • improves the efficiency of supply management
  • helps to control the movement of goods
  • helps in product accounting and inventory taking
warehouse rfid identification

Inventory taking of basic assets and control of their movements using RFID:

  • Control over the movement of property. The readers monitor changes in the location of things and send a signal to the security service in the event of any violation.
  • Thanks to the use of RFID technology, it is possible to carry out a quick inventory check of property using a hand-held reader. The inventory check in a small room (up to 30 square meters) will take only 1 minute!
Search of property objects: you can easily find any lost item. You need to specify its code on the reader, after which you just have to go around the premises and find the lost thing. When the necessary property object is detected, the reader will notify you with a beep.
RFID handheld terminals for inventory
Modern means of RFID identification make it possible to introduce high-tech solutions into business processes. Thus, RFID is a completely new tool that can solve many problems in the fields of rail transport, logistics, mining industry, etc.