Mobile Tanker Truck refueling system

Cloud based <br/>solution

Cloud based

Cost recovery <br/>from 90 days

Cost recovery
from 90 days

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API for

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24/7 service

Refueling vehicles from a mobile tanker truck
The system is aimed at automation of refueling process at mobile fuel tanker trucks. For the purposes of the overall automation of fuel distribution and provision of the drivers with opportunity to receive fuel by themselves without any operators, the system includes the function of assigning daily and absolute limits to the recipient drivers. The list of cards/tags and their current limits are kept in the GT-9 fuel controller memory.
Transmitting transactions from the controller
The GT-9 fuel controller transmits transactions, refueled from a tanker truck, via GPRS/WIFI. Every time, the memory is synchronizing with the remote WEB server. In case of temporal unavailability of the data-transmitting channel, the controller starts to operate in the independent mode, using the data from internal memory until GPRS/WIFI channel is restored and then it becomes upload history data to the remote server.
The Main Advantages of the Solution
  • Authorization by iButton tags, mifare cards, VIU rfid vehicle tags and code (type on keypad)
  • Possible to install PIN code to each key/tag
  • Possible to enter fuel limit from the keypad
  • Remote server autorization in case if there is no tag
  • Accept vehicle ID and odometer data by manual typing on the keypad
  • Fuel tag ofline memory - 1000 pcs, online mode - no limitation
  • Possible to syncronize tags by GPRS/WIFI and SMS
  • Fuel tag limit management from server side
  • Unautorized refuel detection, bypass options
  • Fuel level online monitoring for any type of Tanks
  • Photo fixation during an autorization process starts
  • Control single and double selenoid valves with low/high flows
  • Open controller-server integration protocol
  • Embedded GPS/GLONASS module
  • Embedded GSM and WIFI module
How it works?
The system controls a flowmeter and a fuel valve of the fuel tanker truck. Transactions sent to the server via data transmitting channel GPRS/WIFI.

Using embedded GPS/GLONASS receiver, the coordinates of transactions are fixed. On the regular basis, the fuel level data of the tanker truck is transmitting as well.
Fuel Tanker truck refueling system

Implementation advantages

  • Fuel economy after the system implementation 30%
  • Fuel Tanker truck root monitoring and planning100%
  • Fuel transactions and consumption reports90%
  • Fuel consumption control100%
  • Effective planning40%
  • Tanker truck fuel level gauge and online monitoring95%

days cost recovery

From the very first day after implementing the fuel tanker truck automation and refuel system, the owner receives total control over fuel consumption. For different types of vehicle fleets, the cost recovery period varies from 90 up to 120 days.

For more detailed information, please contact us for calculation of costs and economies of implementation ratio.

Calculate the cost of Mobile Tanker truck refueling management system

Fuel Management Software

Trackinn is the specialized software developed by GeoTek BS is a part of the hardware-software complex of fleet fuel management system based on GLONASS and GPS. Depending on the customer requirement, a WEB or a DESKTOP version of the software is used.