Temperature and humidity monitoring system

Such a temperature and humidity monitoring system is essential for:
  • Greenhouses and plant/mushroom growth chambers;
  • Incubators and animal housing accommodations, aquariums;
  • Libraries and museums;
  • Offices and warehouses;
  • Storage facilities;
  • Living accommodations of basement and cellar types;
  • Manufacturing areas, where certain temperature and humidity parameters are required.

After installation of the temperature and humidity monitoring system, you will be able to secure appropriate living conditions, corresponding to the existing safety regulations and sanitary standards, as well as to create the healthy environment for living organisms’ development and to maintain the storage conditions for commodities and food products.

TRACKINN system doesn’t just track temperature and humidity values, but also:

  • Build history graphs;
  • Save data to the archive;
  • Displays the indicators on a computer screen;
  • Allows real time monitoring with displaying the results on a computer;
  • Sends sound or e-mail notification in case of indicators falling outside the allowed limits.
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