Online vehicle video surveillance system

Thus, the video surveillance system installation in transport allows you to:
  • improve the safety of freight and passenger transport;
  • establish control over the safety of property and the vehicle itself;
  • reproduce the sequence of events in case of an accident;
  • provide video information to law enforcement agencies for the analysis of a conflict situation;
  • keep track of the condition and the performance of the driver, check taker and supervisors.

Through the connection to GLONASS, video surveillance systems record the traversed route, speed and travel time. The owner has the opportunity to view the video with reference to the maps online, to print the selected images, to obtain data on the speed of the vehicle and traffic route.

With the video surveillance system, it is possible to reproduce and analyze any situation that happened on the road including:

  • hooliganism or any other disruptive behavior;
  • terrorist act or attempt;
  • accidents and other emergencies.

However, the transport video surveillance systems are meant not only for solving the problems and improving the passenger transportation safety. Video surveillance in the cabin helps to control the driver, as well as to receive the information on the number of passengers and oversee the work of the check taker.

The specific video recording systems for the public transport record the events from multiple angles. As a rule, in addition to the cabin, it is the passengers take up and set down area, as well as the roadway, which is recorded by the FPV camera.

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