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Where the GPS monitoring system is installed in a vehicle?
The main unit location depends on the particular car brand. The space under the front panel of the car is mostly used. In some cases, the system is installed taking into account the client`s requirements. Long experience allows achieving maximum secrecy. All parts of the car remain in their original state after installation.
Will the system influence on car warranty?
It won`t. When installing, specially designated vehicle spare parts for connecting additional equipment are used. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, the proper location of the tracker under the dashboard is selected. When mounting the fuel level sensor, gaskets that keep the tank for leaks and prevent disruption to the fuel system are used. This eliminates the possibility of denial upon the occurrence of warranty case.
Is it possible to pay no monthly fee?
Yes, it is possible.
1) You have to purchase the GLONASS tracker from us, the cost of which includes the monthly fee.
2) You need to purchase a SIM card, enable the data transfer rate, and give the card to a specialist during the equipment installation. Then you need only to control the SIM card balance.
3) Placing on the company`s server is free of charge in case of up to 3 trackers.
What a monthly fee is paid for?
1. For data transfer.
For proper and quality operation of a monitoring system, stable data transfer using Internet is required. All data transfers are charged by your service provider. The cost of connection, rate cost, traffic and maintaining a positive balance are entrusted to our company.
2. Visit of a specialist for troubleshooting.
Our task is to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment. Irregularities in the system operation can occur due to various reasons. If the main unit of the system goes wrong or the fuse in the car is blown, our specialists will come and repair the trouble. The visit is free of charge, with timely payment of subscription services.
3. Technical support.
The operators of technical support work 24 hours a day in emergency mode. They are responsible for the continuous operation of the server, i.e. data reception, storage and transfer. Thereby they provide the high-quality operation of the system.

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